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Good Casting 2020: 1x3

Episode 3 & 4

Part 1: Chan Mi and Mi Soon must escape from the CEO and Head of Research’s office before they get caught. Chan Mi manages to get out, but she realizes she forgot to bring the flash drive. When she goes back in, Seok Ho spots her and strikes up a conversation. Meanwhile, Ye Eun and Chan Mi go into the research center to rescue Mi Soon. Part 2: The team finally escape from their first mission, but Chief Tak Sang Gi has suspicions about Seok Ho’s new secretary and starts digging. Meanwhile, Woo Won’s manager gets a call to deliver the package that was smuggled out of Il Kwang’s research center. As Chan Mi and Seok Ho eat lunch together in the corporate cafeteria, Sang Gi approaches them.

Good Casting Season 1 Episode 3 & 4
May. 04, 2020

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