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Good Casting 2020: 1x11

Episode 11 & 12

Part 1: The team succeeds in stealing Director Myeong’s ledger. They use Ye Eun and the ledger to lure Chief Seo. Even after he is caught, Chief Seo seems to have no intention of giving up easily. He brazenly demands that Chan Mi bring evidence to incriminate him. Meanwhile, Mi Soon has trouble at home and Ye Eun reads something shocking in an old report. Part 2: Seok Ho finally confronts Chan Mi about her identity. Seok Ho is upset that Chan Mi lied to him while Chan Mi still can’t really tell him that it was for an undercover mission. However, Chief Secretary Byun discovers her identity. Chan Mi is fired from her job at Il Kwang and on top of that, Ye Eun asks her about Min Seok’s death.

Good Casting Season 1 Episode 11 & 12
Jun. 01, 2020

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